Welcome to Emily Matthews our new Studio Manager 

Emily Head Shot
We are delighted to welcome Emily Matthews into her new role as studio Manager at Yoga Junction

Emily has a wealth of yoga and management experience to bring to the studio and great energy and verve for the revitalisation of one of London's longest established and best loved yoga centres.

Watch out for lots of lovely new teachers, classes, events and opportunities at the studio in the coming weeks and months as Emily puts her plans into action!

Emily is at the studio on weekdays, keeping this a friendly, relaxed and genuine place to study and practice yoga, pop in and say hello!

Tara Fraser, director of Yoga Junction in a seated position with her legs crossed and her hands on the floor with the palms facing upwards
Nigel Jones, co-founder of Yoga Junction with his hands clasped behind his back diagonally
3 people in down dog position from the front
Yoga teacher helping student cross-legged feet together