Tara Fraser

Tara Fraser
Tara Fraser has had a lifelong interest in yoga, has been teaching since 1993 and is a BWY Diploma Course Tutor. She believes yoga can help everyone to live well, feel good and age gracefully. Her teaching style draws on several traditions but is heavily influenced by the personalised and therapeutic approach of TKV Desikachar which has been her own practice for many years. In recent years she has been working with Scaravelli inspired teachers who have added a new and exploratory angle to the yoga she practices and teaches. This has been further supported by her training to become a Rolfer with BARSI

Tara is the founder / co-director of Yoga Junction where she teaches workshops and BWY teacher training programmes. She is the author of five best-selling yoga books (Including Yoga for You and The Easy Yoga Workbook) and lectures and teaches nationally and internationally. 

Nigel Jones

Nigel Jones
Nigel Jones has been practicing Astanga Yoga since 1992. He lived and worked at The Practice Place in Crete (now Yoga Plus) and studied with Derek Ireland for 2 years. He returned to London in 1996, where he continued to practice with John Scott. Subsequently Nigel took the British Wheel of Yoga Teacher's Diploma.

He has been teaching Astanga Yoga classes, courses and workshops in London since 1996. He has taught in most of London's Yoga Centres and has taken many students from beginners level to becoming teachers themselves. Being naturally rather a stiff person, he has much sympathy with people of a similar constitution. He likes to encourage all types of people to take up yoga, not just the strong and flexible. His classes are friendly and un-intimidating and he encourages students to achieve some sort of autonomy in their Yoga practice, where they can begin to think and make decisions for themselves, without dogmatic interference from a teacher. He has a very hands-on approach and believes in getting as much feedback as possible from his students.

Nigel has been teaching at Yoga Junction since 1999 and became co-director in 2002.

Julie de Senneville

Julie De Seneville
Julie trained with BWY and started teaching in 1995. Her personal practice and teaching is inspired by different schools of yoga from Sivananda to Iyengar and her classes challenge the practitioner while working safely with attention to alignment and precision of movement within each posture, resulting in an evolving awareness of the body's default posture and learning to connect with the muscle and skeletal system in each yoga pose to improve posture. Julie’s personal journey with yoga has taught her first hand the connection between body and mind. 

The bodywork strengthens and tones muscles, releasing tension and brings a deep connection of mind and body, creating an inner calm.As the body gains strength, agility and openness, so too the practitioner develops a corresponding awareness of emotional strength and mental clarity. These new tools are vital armour in managing the stresses and strains of everyday life, bringing increased vitality and generating generosity of spirit.

Julie has two teenage boys and works part time in a busy office.

Tessa Bull - Iyengar Yoga

Tessa Bull
Tessa is an experienced and dedicated yoga practitioner having studied Iyengar yoga for over 30 years and has been teaching since 1995. She qualified as an Iyengar yoga teacher in Australia after completing a 4 year apprenticeship and ran an Iyengar yoga school in Sydney until her return to the UK in 2000. Tessa teaches in North London and also runs workshops and residential weekends. She has a particular interest in yoga therapy. She continues to study with the senior teachers in the UK and with the BKS Iyengar, Geeta Iyengar and Prashant Iyengar on her regular trips to Pune in India. Tessa is a sensitive and perceptive teacher with a clear and dynamic teaching style. She is interested in encouraging students to develop a personal relationship with their yoga and to develop their own practice.


Marie-Flore (BWY Dip) - Hatha Yoga

Marie Flore
Marie Flore has studied and practised yoga since the 1980's. She was fortunate to be taught by extremely experienced teachers coming from many traditions: Iyengar, Albion, Shadow,Sivananda and Viniyoga. She shares her love and understanding of yoga in a safe, serious and fun way, providing a strong emphasis on linking breath and movement. She gives students the right perspective to study their body and observe their mind, helping to refine their experience. She holds a BWY diploma.


Freddie (BWY Dip)

Freddie is a British Wheel of Yoga (BWY Dip) teacher and student of Tara Fraser. She has been practising different styles of Hatha Yoga since 2000 mainly with tutors inspired by the teachings of Krishnamacharya and his son TKV Desikachar in particular. Her classes focus on flowing sequences of poses with attention to the coordination of breath and movement, proper body alignment and anatomical understanding, but do not follow one strict method or routine of postures rather invite mindfulness and quality of awareness throughout. Having experienced the transformational power of yoga, she is committed to sharing the benefits of this ancient art with passion and enthusiasm while consistently looking for ways to improve herself as a practitioner and teacher. She believes that a regular practice improves health and can increase self-awareness, thus deepening knowledge of our true nature for a more balanced and positive outlook on life.

superkica@hotmail.com          www.urbanyogini.com

Anna Wise (BWY Dip)

Anna Wise has been teaching new mothers in Crouch End for last five years she is a qualified Infant Massage Instructor and a member of the Guild of Infant Massage as well as being CRB checked to work with babies. She is also trained to give breastfeeding support. A mother herself, Anna is very aware of the challenges faced by women as they make the transition into motherhood.

Anna's teaching style is informal and accessible, and her classes provide a supportive place for women to access information and share experiences. Her aim is to help women and to give them confidence as they get to know their new babies, helping them to trust their instincts.


Kieran Baine

Keiran Baine
Kieran has been practicing yoga and meditation for over ten years. He initially trained as a teacher with the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta organisation and recently completed the BWY Integration course with Tara Fraser and Wendy Haring. Kieran's classes are taught in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and he encourages students to practice with awareness and mindfulness. Kieran feels blessed to have the chance to share his love of the practice with all his students.


Jude Chalk

Jude Chalk
Jude is a recently qualified British Wheel of Yoga (BWY Diploma) teacher and student of Tara Fraser since 1999.

Jude’s classes are warm and friendly; students are encouraged to be non-judgmental when practicing and accept themselves as they are, at that moment in time. She encourages students to be mindful of the connections between their body, breath, thoughts and feelings in each posture and so discover something about themselves.

Dimitris Thomopoulos

16-Demitris Thomopoulos
Dimitris has been trained in the traditional Ashtanga system under the guidance of Hamish Hendry. He has travelled to India to study at the Sri K Patthabi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI) and follows a dedicated daily Mysore style Ashtanga practice.

Trained as a peer counsellor and as a social psychologist, Dimitris found that yoga extends beyond the intensity of the physical practice and its benefits, into a more subtle form of calming and focusing the mind. It can act as a catalyst in replacing long established habits and bring new perspectives into one's life. Having been diagnosed with a degenerative condition affecting the spine has helped him to cultivate a deeper understanding of how the spine works, its limitations and how to softly work with them in order to create the foundations for the healing process to start.

As a result his classes are influenced both by his understanding of the mechanics of movement and the insight the practice can offer. His focus is on creating an environment that can allow students to soften and quieten both the body and the mind.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones has been practising ashtanga yoga for over twenty years. She has practised with many leading ashtanga yoga teachers including John Scott, David Svenson, Mike Nevitt, Dena Kingsberg, and Godrey Devereux. She did her teacher training in 2003 with Brian Cooper and Navajyoti with Union Yoga in Edinburgh. She is also a certified kundalini yoga teacher and has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She has worked at various holistic centres including Skyros Centre in Greece and Omega Institute in USA.

Her class is designed for students with some familiarity with yoga but who may be new to ashtanga yoga. She will be teaching the primary series and offers hands on adjustments. She will ensure students of different abilities will be gently challenged in their practice and will end each class with a deep relaxation.

Jeremy White

Jeremy White
Jeremy started practicing yoga in 1993 when he was at RADA: he used it as a way of grounding, energising and connecting to himself during movement and voice classes as well as performance preparation.

Jeremy began to teach in 2003 after training at the Life Centre with Tias Little, Rod Stryker and Shiva Rea. Since then he has completed the Hot Yoga training with Kristin Campbell at Triyoga, as well as an intermediate Matwork certificate with Stott Pilates. Yoga is as much about how we interact with others and live in the world as well as the physical movement we do on our sticky mat. 

Jeremy's classes focus on awareness, breath, healthy alignment and seek to find the right balance between effort and ease in our practice.

Olivia Howden

Olivia is an Iyengar yoga teacher based in Muswell Hill. She is a dedicated yoga practitioner having maintained a daily practice for over ten years and first started Iyengar yoga 18 years ago. Olivia’s teaching is full of energy and insight and encourages a balance between effort and  relaxation, adapting yoga postures to suit individual needs. As a teacher, it is her aim to help everyone to improve their yoga progressively in a safe and friendly environment.

Olivia qualified as an Iyengar yoga teacher in 2011, and became a junior intermediate level 2 teacher in 2016. She regularly attends yoga classes and   workshops herself, training to complete her junior intermediate qualifications. Olivia has a keen interest in yoga therapy and assists weekly at a local Iyengar yoga therapy class.


Ian Stoneham

Ian teaches the Astanga vinyasa yoga beginners course’ at Yoga Junction, having been tempted by Nigel and meeting the exacting requirements of ‘not being intimidatingly flexible’. For those starting out in yoga and who maybe be mystified or confused by the myriad styles on offer: astanga may be the perfect starting point. In the course we introduce new practitioners to many of the poses (asanas), breathing techniques and inward focus that they would be likely to encounter in most styles of yoga. Ian has recently completed further yoga teacher's training with Sarah Powers.

Jayne Miller

Jayne teaches fluid yoga with a strong focus on healthy alignment and body awareness. Jayne trained with the BWY and YogaCampus, has a BWY Diploma, and has been teaching since 2010. Introduced to yoga at college, her practice has taken in many styles from Ashtanga to Iyengar, and therapeutic yoga. She has been practising continuously for 20 years. It was during pregnancy that Jayne’s personal yoga practice truly developed. (She even got her first mat!) She found it helped her to cope with both the emotional and physical changes, keeping her balanced, grounded and fit. She trained with the wonderful Uma Dinsmore-Tuli (author of Mother’s Breath) and finds that pregnant women have a special level of body awareness and receptiveness rarely seen collectively in other yoga classes. Jayne’s pregnancy classes are a mix of gentle yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques to help keep mums-to-be energised and calm.
Aside from ante-natal yoga, Jayne teaches mother and baby/toddler, family yoga and kids/teens, as well as ashtanga, vinyasa flow and restorative yoga.
Jayne believes that yoga is a life-long learning process, and continues to develop her skills through regular trainings in everything from anatomy to therapeutics and yoga for emotional imbalances. Her practice and teaching is influenced by many wonderful teachers who have encouraged her to diversify and explore different traditions along the way. She aims to pass on that inspiration and enthusiasm to her own students.

Sophie Matthew

Sophie Matthew has been practicing mindfulness meditation for 7 years and is an accredited mindfulness teacher. She has trained with Breathworks (for whom she is also an associate teacher), the University of Bangor and the Mindfulness in Schools Project. She teaches several different mindfulness courses as well as delivering workshops and taster sessions for organisations and working one to one. She adheres to the UK Network of Mindfulness-based Teachers Good Practice Guidelines and is supervised via the Mindfulness Network CIC as well, as well as supervising herself.

Mindfulness has transformed Sophie’s life and she is passionate about sharing the benefits. We all suffer from stress, illness and pain to some extent in our lives and mindfulness helps us to live a fuller, richer and more content life in the midst of it all.

‘You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf’. Jon Kabat-Zinn
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Photography by Adam Slama