Kapotasana adjustment

BWY Foundation Courses and Teacher Training courses 

The 60-hour Foundation course is designed to explore yoga in more depth. It includes practical and theoretical work on asana, pranayama, concentration and meditation as well as topics such as the history of yoga and the different paths and schools of yoga as well as an introduction to basic yoga philosophy - the yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Hathayogapradipika and more.
This course is intended for students who would like to develop their knowledge of yoga further as well as for those wanting to train as teachers as it provides them with a good introduction to our Certificate and Diploma teaching courses.  We have 2 foundation courses starting in the next few months.

The longer Teacher Training courses involve a more in depth look at teaching techniques, lesson planning, anatomy, modifying and adapting postures for all needs, and teaching practice within the course.  We have a Certificate course starting in September this year.

We have courses running throughout the year with experienced BWY qualified teachers.  Please see the BWY COURSES section for all the details

Iyengar yoga course

A course for either total beginners to yoga or for students who have done some before. You will be learning a range of standard yoga postures taught in a precise and detailed way by Julie de Seneville, a teacher of many years experience. A range of standing postures, sitting postures, balances and ending each class with a relaxation. Specific emphasis on modifying and adjusting postures so that each individual gets maximum benefit. Julie is very skilled at varying things for everyone in the class and will often use a range of yoga equipment to make each posture accessible to all.

Saturday 8.45-9.45am
Next Course:  January 5th - February 9th
Cost: £66 for 6 weeks
Teacher: Julie de Seneville

Introduction to Yoga workshop

If you are a beginner to yoga and are wondering what sort of things to expect in a yoga class, then you might benefit from coming along to this workshop.  We will explain what sort of things happen in classes; why there are so many different styles; the benefits of doing yoga regularly; and we will try 3 short classes of distinctly different types of yoga.  There will be lots of time to ask questions, and Nigel will be able to advise you on which classes would be best for you to attend at the studio, and also give other general advice about yoga in general.  Please feel free to call Nigel on 07725950683 if you have any queries in advance.

When: dates to be arranged 
Cost: £20
Teacher: Nigel 

Astanga yoga course

This course is suitable for total beginners to yoga, or for people who have done other types of yoga but not astanga.  On the course you will go through the sun-salutations, standing postures, some of the primary series, and the finishing postures of astanga yoga, looking at safe ways to practice each posture and movement, with a range of modifications where necessary.

When:  Monday 6.30-7.30pm
Dates: January 14th - February 18th
Teacher: Ian Stoneham
Cost: 6 weeks  £66
join anytime during the course, or drop in for £13

Hatha yoga beginners level courses

Yoga beginners course for either total beginners or people who have done a little before.  On the course you will learn all the basics of a yoga practice, going through a range of yoga postures, breath awareness and concentration.  Suitable for all comers.

When: Sunday 9.30-10.30am
Dates: November 11th - December 9th
Teacher: Yoska
Cost: £55 for 5 weeks
join anytime during the 5 weeks, or drop in and try it for £13.

When: Sunday 9.30-10.30am
Dates: January 13th - February 17th
Teacher: Yoska
Cost: £66 for 6 weeks