Private online one to one or small group classes

 Teaching online classes one to one works very well, and you can do these in the comfort of your own home.  If you are completely new to yoga and want an introduction, or if you are more experienced and need a top up, or some in depth work, then please get in touch to arrange a session.  As well as one to one, small groups of 2 or 3 can also be arranged.

Nigel has been teaching yoga for 25 years in all sorts of situations and venues, primarily in London, and is used to accommodating a wide range of abilities and experience.  Private sessions cost £50 per hour.

I would strongly recommend Nigel’s one to one online yoga tutorials. As a beginner, trying to get into yoga during lockdown, it quickly became clear that simply joining a group class by Zoom – where the teacher cannot really see what any individual participant is doing – was not going to work for me.
My lack of familiarity with yoga and very limited flexibility meant I really needed someone to talk me through the specifics and give me detailed feedback in order to gain the maximum benefit from each posture and to progress.
I find Nigel an approachable, pragmatic and empathetic teacher. In the eight months since I started learning with him, I have increased my flexibility considerably and managed to make astanga yoga practice part of my weekly routine. For me, it is an excellent complement to the other sports I do – a great blend of dynamic physical challenge and relaxation.

Mike - London