Autumn yin and yang workshop with Freddie

Autumn is a season of transition before the dormant phase of winter sets in. The summer glow has faded and the heating energy that the earth absorbed is gradually cooling. This is a time of letting go, offering space for a different rhythm.
A nurturing afternoon of yoga can help you through the seasonal shift by cultivating inner warmth for the coolness that is to follow.
Practice will consist of steady, unrushed, warming movements (yang), grounding longer-held restorative poses (yin), breath work to help sustain internal heat as well as calm the mind, and relaxation to move your focus inward and restore your sense of balance.

Suitable for students with some experience of yoga. 

Date: Saturday November 18th 
Time: 3.30-6.00pm
Price: £30
Teacher: Freddie

Slow and Spacious Saturdays and Sundays - workshops with Charlotte Preston

Join Charlotte for a gentle and calming yoga practice to restore equilibrium, and bring you back to yourself. This workshop will include slow, gentle movement, restorative poses and simple breathing practices, with a long relaxation at the end.

Suitable for all levels.

Date: Sunday Dec 3rd
Time: 12.30-3.00pm
Price: £25
Teacher: Charlotte Preston

Full Moon class: Healing through kundalini yoga  -  workshop with Dr Sally Jones
(Atma Sundri Kaur)

During the Full Moon we can feel very emotional and reactive, or, if we channel that energy, there is an opportunity for emotional healing. Meditation and yoga at the time of a full moon can help you become more centred and reconnect with yourself and your desires, so you can live more fully. There is usually an uplift of energy at full moon and this can be used to cleanse and reset your body, mind and spirit. The physical exercises (kriya) will be followed by a meditation. The class will end with a deep relaxation.
It is not necessary to have practised kundalini yoga previously, but the workshop is most suitable for students who have tried yoga before.

Date: Sunday Dec 3rd
Time: 4.30-6.00pm
Cost: £15                 
Teacher: Sally Jones

Adjustment and Hands-on work in postures with Nigel Jones

Learn how to help your yoga students in class with safe and effective hands on adjustments. Yoga is usually a physical activity and helping people with physical contact can be very rewarding for both parties if done in a safe and positive way. There are many ways to do this, and on this workshop we will look at all the important things involved in the process. Observation, safe positioning, communication and a variety of techniques will be explored. There will be a range of postures looked at, but we will be open to any postures you are interested in.
Nigel has spent many years teaching and giving hands on adjustments to hundreds of people of all shapes and sizes and uses techniques in his classes that he has tried and tested over many years.

Nigel's Adjustments Workshop provided great general ideas and information around adjustments which could be applied to any posture, as well as lots of hands-on experience of both giving and receiving adjustments within specific postures. The opportunity to play around with different pressures and movements with fellow teachers giving on-the-spot feedback made me feel confident and inspired to now use them more within my own classes. Thank you Nigel"  -  Tanya 

Date: Saturday December 16th 
Time: 10.00-4.00pm
Cost: £55
Teacher: Nigel Jones

Yoga Workshops with John Claxton

John Claxton has been teaching yoga for 42 years.  He trained with Silva Mahta and benefitted from classes with BKS Iyengar here and in Pune, during 9 years teaching in Adult Education in London.  In 1983 he moved to Norfolk where he set up the Norfolk Iyengar Yoga Centre, teaching residential weekends and local classes until 2005.  John is known for his anatomical approach to teaching.  He recently published "A Quest for Clarity" and " Elements of the Subtle Body".  He is also the man behind Chreode Yoga Equipment and the thousands of hand crafted wood blocks etc.  He still lives in Norfolk, has a workshop, and teaches there and around the country.

To book please call Ros Claxton on 01273681422 or email

Dates:   Sunday November 26th 2017
Time: 1.00-6.00pm
Cost: £40 
Teacher: John Claxton
drinks and biscuits provided.

First Aid Courses with MGM Training

Our first aid course is open to all, make sure your certification is up to date. To book and pay, please click on the course you prefer and you will be taken directly to the booking page.

-Insight into Health and Safety(First Aid) Regulations
-Managing in incident - Priorities of First Aid Resuscitation
-Blood loss - Treatment of an unconscious casualty
-Treatment of shock - General discussion on Studio based injury/illness
-Treatment of burns and siezures

To book see links below - 

Certificate issued: Emergency First Aid at Work certificate which is valid for 3 years

2017 Dates:  Nov 19.

(All courses run on Sundays 12.30-6.30pm)

Cost:   £70.00