Astanga yoga taught class - with Nigel

2 hour astanga yoga taught class in which we will go continuously though the sun-salutations, standing postures, primary series and part of the second series plus finishing postures.  There will be time at the end to practice hand-stands and head-stands for those who are willing.  Most of the class will be verbal instruction with some hands-on adjustments.  For anyone who has done some astanga before.  Please book ahead to reserve a place.  

Nigel - 07725950683   -

When: Sunday March 25th  
Time:  2.00-4.00pm
Cost: £20
Teacher: Nigel

Astanga as a moving meditation with Sally Jones

This workshop will help you move beyond a purely physical or mechanical approach to your practice and will focus upon inhabiting postures, to really feel into them mentally and energetically.
We will work on the primary series building strength and stamina whilst carefully tuning into the synchronising of body movement to the breath, developing a deep and centred sense of rhythm.
The class will conclude with a deep restorative relaxation to consolidate the benefits of the practice.
The workshop is suitable for students who have taken an ashtanga yoga class before.

When:  Sunday April 22nd 
Time:  4.00-6.00pm
Cost:  £16
Teacher:  Sally Jones

Slow and Spacious Saturdays and Sundays - workshops with Charlotte Preston

Join Charlotte for a gentle and calming yoga practice to restore equilibrium, and bring you back to yourself. This workshop will include slow, gentle movement, restorative poses and simple breathing practices, with a long relaxation at the end.

Suitable for all levels.

Time: 3.00-5.30pm
Price: £25
Teacher: Charlotte Preston
WORKSHOP DATES BELOW.       CLICK ON "book now" button to book for individual dates

APRIL 29th

MAY 27th

JUNE 10th


JULY 8th




All workshops are on Sundays 3.00-5.30pm

Yoga Workshops with John Claxton

John Claxton has been teaching yoga for 42 years.  He trained with Silva Mahta and benefitted from classes with BKS Iyengar here and in Pune, during 9 years teaching in Adult Education in London.  In 1983 he moved to Norfolk where he set up the Norfolk Iyengar Yoga Centre, teaching residential weekends and local classes until 2005.  John is known for his anatomical approach to teaching.  He recently published "A Quest for Clarity" and " Elements of the Subtle Body".  He is also the man behind Chreode Yoga Equipment and the thousands of hand crafted wood blocks etc.  He still lives in Norfolk, has a workshop, and teaches there and around the country.

To book please call Ros Claxton on 01273681422 or email

When:   Sunday April 15th 2018
Time: 1.00-6.00pm
Cost: £40 
Teacher: John Claxton
drinks and biscuits provided.

First Aid Courses with MGM Training

Our first aid course is open to all, make sure your certification is up to date. To book and pay, please click on the course you prefer and you will be taken directly to the booking page.

-Insight into Health and Safety(First Aid) Regulations
-Managing in incident - Priorities of First Aid Resuscitation
-Blood loss - Treatment of an unconscious casualty
-Treatment of shock - General discussion on Studio based injury/illness
-Treatment of burns and siezures

To book see links below - 

Certificate issued: Emergency First Aid at Work certificate which is valid for 3 years.

Next course: March 18th 2018

(All courses run on Sundays 12.30-6.30pm)

Cost:   £70.00