Go Wild and Get Cultivated with Tara Fraser - long weekend retreat at Lendrick Lodge in Scotland

Tara will be teaching a long weekend yoga retreat in May 2018 in the beautiful setting of Lendrick Lodge, Sternlingshire, Scotland.

We will spend a weekend in the magnificent wild scenery of the Trossachs gazing to the far horizons and looking deeper into ourselves.

The asana (posture) work is not so much about the performance of traditional postures but the felt sense of the body and the capacity to live in it (comfortably, for the rest of your life). We will explore ideas around the idea of ‘natural’ breath and movement and the highly structured traditions of yoga, comparing and contrasting the effects they have on us.

We will be able to make the most of both being in nature and the benefits the refinements and cultivation of a yoga practice bestow.

In the spirit of the theme of this weekend we welcome those with an advanced yoga practice, with much experience and also novices, able bodied and those working with limitations, thinkers and doers, young and old.

There is material here for the seasoned yoga practitioner or meditator and the almost beginner alike. Everybody welcome!

Tara Fraser is an experienced Yoga Teacher and Rolfer with a lifelong interest in the moving body and nature. Her work is influenced by teachers in the tradition of Desikachar and Scaravelli but also by her early training in dance.

She is still adjusting to the extreme contrast of having lived for 25 years in London, to roaming barefoot through her new home (19 acres of Devon woodland) where she lives with her 4 children and partner Nigel Jones. She is, in short, both a little wild and quite cultivated!

Tara Fraser is the founder/co-director of Yoga Junction where she teaches workshops and BWY teacher training programmes. She is the author of five best-selling yoga books (Including Yoga for You and The Easy Yoga Workbook) and lectures and teaches nationally and internationally.

She believes yoga can help everyone to live well, feel good and age gracefully.

May 10th - May 13th 2018

For more information please go to the Lendrick Lodge web-site - lendricklodge.com

Course: £295 plus food & accommodation from £180. £150 deposit.