British Wheel of Yoga Courses

We run regular weekly classes taught by BWY qualified teachers as well as Teacher training Diplomas, Foundation Courses, Integration Courses, Modules and in service training days. We also offer a weekly class taught by our trainee teachers and open to the public for just £2.

British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Courses

At Yoga Junction we run regular Foundation courses with a range of qualified BWY teachers.  Below there is general information about the foundation course, and specific information about the next scheduled courses.  Please get in touch if you have any questions relating to these courses.
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What are Foundation Courses?

Foundation courses have been run for many years by the British Wheel of Yoga, and are designed for students to either deepen their personal knowledge and experience of yoga, or as a stepping stone towards becoming a teacher.  The course involves 60 contact hours, and you will get a chance to analyse asana (postures), explore a range of pranayama (breathing) techniques, learn about the ancient and modern history of yoga, experience different forms of meditation, some chanting, look at different styles of yoga, and more. 
The world of yoga involves a whole range of different practises and philosophies. In regular classes we only touch the surface of a small part of this massive and wide ranging subject, and generally the emphasis is very much on asana (posture), with some teaching of pranayama (breathing) and meditation.  These courses give you a chance to look at a whole range of practises and ideas that you never have time to look at normally, and are taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers.  They are stimulating, engaging and a whole lot of fun, and it also gives you the opportunity to meet and get to know a group of like minded students who you might otherwise meet only fleetingly in weekly classes.  We have run over 40 of these courses over the years, and in every group we have taught, lifelong friendships have been forged.
So if you are interested in learning more, or maybe are thinking about a bigger change in your life and are considering teaching, these courses are an ideal opportunity to expand and connect with yourself and with other people.  

Course content

The course is roughly 50% practical (asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting) and 50% theoretical (philosophy, history, anatomy, theory of energetic body etc). There is no compulsory homework, although further study for your own interest is advised and supported, and there is no tests or exam! The aim is to broaden your own knowledge and experience of yoga and to consider in which areas you may like to develop your own practice in the future.
The full BWY course syllabus is available - please email for more details.  At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of attendance, if you attend at least 80% of the course.  

Application Procedure

You can apply by filling out and returning the application form preferably by email. Once the application has been received we will arrange for the course tutor to either call you or meet with you to have a brief chat about the course. The application procedure is very straightforward, and the only real qualification for the course is that you have been practising yoga for 2 years or more and that you’re willing to attend with enthusiasm and an enquiring mind!  Once you have been accepted onto the course you will need to pay a non-refundable deposit, and also join the BWY and obtain a BWY membership number.  Full details of the procedure are contained in the course information pack that is available upon request.

Upcoming Foundation courses at Yoga Junction

Below is information about our next courses.  You can obtain information packs and application forms via email upon request

1. BWY Foundation course with Federica Panichi - Sundays - starts Feb 2018

Federica Panichi will be the main tutor, supported by experienced guest tutors. Freddie is an experienced BWY teacher and is also qualified as an assessor of trainee teachers. She is a part of the Yoga Junction team since 2007. Freddie is a student of Tara Fraser. She has been practising different styles of yoga mainly with tutors inspired by the teachings of Krishnamacharya and his son TKV Desikachar in particular. Her classes focus on flowing sequences of poses with attention to the coordination of breath and movement, proper body alignment and anatomical understanding, but do not follow one strict method or routine of postures; instead, they invite mindfulness and quality of awareness throughout. Freddie is a versatile teacher and teaches Hatha Yoga as well as Vinyasa- based classes, which vary according to group level, physical ability and fitness, and range from gentle to vigorous, from a beginner level to intermediate and more advanced. For further information, visit her website

Freddie – 

When:  Sundays 12.30-6.15pm
Dates: 2018:  Feb 4th, March 4th,  April 8th,  
May 13th, June 3rd,  June  24th, July 22nd,  
Sept 2nd,  Sept 23rd, Oct 14th, Nov 11th Dec 2nd.
Price: £610 plus bwy membership (£34)
Teacher: Federica Panichi

2.  BWY Foundation course with Tarik Dervish - Wednesdays - starts March 2018

After many years of meditation practice and some time abroad working in schools in Turkey,  Tarik started practising Classical Yoga at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in London.  After a few years of getting a broad foundation in all the main doctrines of Yoga, he felt the need to explore Asana more deeply so started working with Iyengar teachers. At the time, he was so inspired by this approach that he trained to become a teacher at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in London but pulled out after almost 2 years because in his heart he knew that Iyengar wasn’t the right path, despite  earlier enthusiasm. He spent a lot of time soul searching and teaching in Ashrams in India and America and eventually realised that the classical integrated approach to Yoga was the way forward. So he decided to train to become a British Wheel of Yoga teacher instead and is now fully qualified with several years experience.

Contact Tarik for more information and application pack -

When: Wednesdays 10.00-4.00pm
Dates: March 28th, April 18th, May 2nd, May 16th, June 13th, June 27th, July 11th, July 25th, Sept 5th, Sept 19th.
Price: £660
Teacher: Tarik Dervish

3. BWY Foundation course with Jane Farrimond - Saturdays - starts May 2018

Jane is an experienced Foundation Course Tutor and Teacher Trainer and has been inspiring yoga students for 20 years. Her authentic style of teaching is positive, practical, inclusive and adaptable. The benefits include increased health, vitality, connection and focus, on and off the mat. To deepen her understanding of the human form, movement and the flow of life’s energy, Jane also trains in the traditional somatic disciplines of Qi Gong and Tai Ji. 
To contact Jane email -
For application form and course information please email

When: Saturday 10.00-5.00pm
Dates: May 12, June 9, June 23, July 14, Sept 8, Sept 22, Oct 6, Oct 20, Nov 3, Nov 24.
Price: £660
Teacher: Jane Farrimond