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If you are a beginner to yoga you have come to the right place. Our teachers have almost a century of experience between them and are always delighted to introduce new people to yoga. 

Our classes are small, with around 10-15 students at most so you are assured of individual attention from your teacher. All our teachers adapt and devise material for the students in their classes to ensure their maximum comfort, safety and benefit. 

For general background information on yoga have a look at our Questions page. You can read about the different styles and the teachers to get a feel for the various options. 

Yoga styles vary a lot, so think about your own needs and what you are looking for from a class. You may want to try several different classes with different teaches before you find the perfect fit. 

Our classes are graded as various levels. This refers to your level of experience and understanding of yoga rather than your level of fitness or flexibility. All the classes are open to both men and women and we have a broad range of ages, attitudes and athletic ability in our students! Everyone is welcome. 

Please do give us a call to chat about the classes if you'd like to.

Yoga Beginner Courses and workshops

Astanga Yoga beginner courses run on Thursdays from 8.00-9.00pm with Ian.  Next course starts on June 21st 

Iyengar course on Saturdays 8.45-9.45am with Julie.  Next course is currently underway - join anytime.

Check the courses page for more details and to book.

Introduction to yoga workshops with Nigel at weekends - check workshop page for next dates

Weekly classes

 Weekly classes specifically for beginners are:

Sunday 10.45-12.15pm general level class with Dawn

Wednesday 6.30-7:30pm general level class with Freddie

Friday 12.00-1.30pm Iyengar yoga beginners with Olivia
There are also a number of general level classes which you can attend as a beginner if you are fit and well. 

Monday 12.30-2.00pm with Klaudia £5

Tuesday 12.30-1.30 with Marie-Flore 

Tuesday 6.30-7.30pm with Marie-Flore

Tuesday 4.30-6.00pm Community Class (taught by student teachers)  £2

Thursday 1.00-2.30pm Community Class with Jude £5

Thursday 6.30-8.00pm -  with Marie-Flore

If you have minor physical restrictions (e.g. mild back pain, rsi, mild arthritis) try:

Gentle Yoga class on Tuesday 9.15-10.15am with Charlotte
Restorative class on Sundays 6.30-7.45pm with Charlotte

If you are in any doubt about which class to attend as a beginner please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.