Nigel and Tara
Welcome to Yoga Junction, one of London's longest established and best loved yoga centres. We've been providing Yoga for everyone from total beginners to advanced practitioners since 1999. 

Our small but beautiful studio in Crouch End is staffed by a team of highly experienced teachers. This is a friendly, relaxed and genuine place to study and practice yoga. 

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Tara Fraser and Nigel Jones

A Day of Yoga with Tara Fraser

A day of Yoga with Tara Fraser
Using traditional yoga asana and more naturalistic movement to find our way to being fully present. Combining fairly vigorous asana practice with periods of silent contemplation and very gentle pranayma provides contrasting textures and sensory awareness. We will pay particular attention to the way our sense of sight impacts on our felt sense of the body and what that might mean in our highly visual world.
This day is open to all levels of experience and physical capacity beyond total beginners. 

Date: Saturday December 3rd 2016.
Time: 10-5pm
Cost: £75

This is now fully booked.

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Tara Fraser, director of Yoga Junction in a seated position with her legs crossed and her hands on the floor with the palms facing upwards
Nigel Jones, co-founder of Yoga Junction with his hands clasped behind his back diagonally
3 people in down dog position from the front
Yoga teacher helping student cross-legged feet together